Bye Neuro Labs.
Welcome Alpha.One!
Dear friend of Neuro Labs,

A Neuroscience Lab. That's how we started Neuro Labs, and that's why we chose the name. Using neuroscience to measure thoughts and emotions and turn them in to actionable insights. Our goal has always been simple: to help you make better decisions.

Lately we started feeling that “Neuro Labs” doesn't capture the essence of who we are. We found the name is too much about what it is and not enough about what we do.

We measure and analyze seemingly intangible subconscious processes and emotions. The alpha factors of the brain. And help brands understand those processes to make better, almost binary choices.
That's why as of today we will use a new name: Alpha.One
Alpha for the measurement of intangible thoughts and emotions, and One as the most positive element of the two binary options: Zero or One. Off or On. It's timeless and to be honest we think it just sounds a lot better.

We have used this opportunity to update our identity and website as well.

Please, do have a look: www.Alpha.One.
Will our new name help us to understand even better how the brain responds to your media investments? Or will it allow you to make even smarter decisions and improve your results more than it already did? To be honest? No, it won't.

But, we will keep on translating “Alpha” data to simple actionable choices, helping you advance your brand and digital strategy. From zero to One.
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